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The dry season is from November to April. During these months you will enjoy perfect sunny days with constant ocean breezes. May to October is the rainy season and everything is very green. Surfers often visit Puerto in the summer months because of the epic ocean waves. The ocean is always warm ranging from 26-30°C (80-86°F).


Guests swim in the ocean at Casa Hola Ola, but there can be strong waves and care must be taken. There are several swimming beaches with calm waters in the area that are a short drive away.

Food Safety

At Casa Hola Ola we take safety in food shopping and preparation very seriously. All seafood and meat are carefully chosen for freshness. All fruits and vegetables are washed in microdyne-treated water for safety.


Our staff work very hard and try to make your stay as pleasant as possible and gratuities are appreciated. A good guide for the amount is 200 pesos per guest per day. Gratuities may be paid to Hector, the manager of the house, who will distribute them among the staff.

Drinking Water

Our water is safe to drink. It comes from our well and runs through nine filters before it comes out of our taps. We also provide bottled water.


While people do surf the waves at Casa Hola Ola, the world-class surfing in Puerto Escondido takes place at Zicatela, La Punta, and Carrizalillo beaches where there are many shops for surfboard rentals and lessons.


General Safety

The State of Oaxaca and the town of Puerto Escondido are safe and do not suffer from the crime that afflicts northern Mexico.

House Rules

  • We do not allow pets.

  • Check-in 3:00pm; Check-out 11:00am

  • No lunch is served on the day of check in or check out.

  • Food and drinks are not served after10:00pm (our staff need their sleep)

  • No smoking in the house or outside on upholstered furniture.

  • Please shower to remove sand when returning from the beach.

  • Only paying guests are allowed on the property.

  • Air conditioning is for nighttime use only.

  • Kindly turn off fans and lights when not in your room.

  • Do not disturb the neighbors. Music must be kept at a reasonable volume. Loud music is not to be played after 11:00 p.m.