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In Spanish, Puerto Escondido means hidden port. The name well describes this unique place. It is located on the Pacific coast in the southern part of Mexico. It is not a destination known for large or all-inclusive hotels, because there aren't any. Instead, Puerto Escondido is a fishing and surfing town that has incredibly beautiful beaches. It also has a large and popular market where you will find seafood caught that morning and a huge assortment of fruits and vegetables from local farms. Also in the market are shops selling clothing, jewelry, and handicrafts made by local artisans.

Casa Hola Ola is 11 kilometers from Zicatela beach. Zicatela is the main beach in Puerto Escondido and famous for the Mexican Pipeline surfing waves. There are many great restaurants and shops along Zicatela as well as surf shops for rentals and lessons.

La Punta is a community of houses, small hotels and hostels, restaurants, and bars that cater to surfers and young people about 8 kilometers from Casa Hola Ola.

There are several swimming beaches in the Puerto Escondido area including La Punta, Manzanillo, and Carrizalillo.

Other activities in the area include whale watching, turtle releases, visits to the eco lagoon at Ventanilla or to the Manilitepec lagoon to see exotic birds and crocodiles, visits to the market, horseback riding on the beach, and sunset flights in an ultralight airplane.

We provide detailed information for these and many other activities and sites to see in the area.

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